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Star Egg Omega-3


  • Star Egg Omega-3 eggs are produced locally in Saskatchewan.
  • These large eggs contain 75 mg of DHA Omega-3s (contributes to brain development, and eye/nerve health), 35% of the daily value (DV) of vitamin E, and 50% DV of vitamin B12.
  • Hens are fed a diet that is flax-based, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. The result is eggs containing 400 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids – 10 times more than in a regular egg!
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Star Egg Organic


  • Star Egg large organic eggs come from free range hens raised according to Canadian Organic Standards.
  • These hens are fed a certified organic ration of GMO-free grains and other ingredients.
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Star Egg Free Run

2.5 Dozen Tray Pack

  • Our Star Egg Free Run large white eggs are from hens raised in open concept barns where each hen is allowed to roam, feed, perch, scratch and lay their eggs in nest boxes.
  • These eggs are currently available at Saskatchewan Costco stores.
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Star Egg

Over-wrap Tray Packs

  • Canada Grade “A” tray packs; comes in the following sizes:
    • Pee-Wee (2.5 Dozen)
    • Medium (2.5 Dozen)
    • Large (2.5 or 5 Dozen)
    • Extra Large (2.5 Dozen)
    • Jumbo (40-Pack)
      • Our two-tray Jumbo over-wrap packs are some of our most popular eggs sold at our office on Quebec Avenue. Often these eggs have double yolks!
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